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Shattered Footsteps: A Dream of Bleeding Glass Wounds

Stepped on glass and my feet were bleeding

Stepped on glass and my feet were bleeding

Dreams about feet often represent our ability to move forward in life, to make progress, and to take steps towards achieving our goals. Stepping on glass in a dream suggests that there may be something in your waking life that is hindering your progress towards your goals or causing you pain and discomfort. The fact that your feet are bleeding could symbolize the emotional pain or stress you feel as a result of this obstacle. This dream could be a warning that there may be some difficult times ahead that could cause you pain and discomfort. It could also be a call to take better care of yourself and make sure you are equipped to handle any future hardships that may come your way. Consider the challenges you are facing in your waking life and try to take steps to overcome them or find support to help you overcome any obstacles.